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DealMax – 8GB Cruzer for $17.99, compare that to BestBuy’s $49.99!

Well, I have been creating another site that can save you a lot of money by using online coupons called KouponBox.com.

I came across this one 8GB Cruzer for just $17.99 from Buy.com, what a freakin’ deal!

I just bought the same flash drive last week from BestBuy for $49.99 so now I know I really got ripped off there. Anyways, get this if you need it, it’s $17.99 for

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DIY – How to Make a USB Wooden Drive out of a Cruzer USB!

I admit to having a cruzer 4GB USB drive in which I store all my website data including the tar files and the sql files.

Here’s a great DIY on how to turn your cruzer USB(or any other USB) into a super-protective wooden USB that you can drop from 13th floor and still recover your data.

Everybody has a jump drive nowadays, and there are a multitude of jump drive mods on the internet and here at Instructables. But this one is made of wood! lol. I

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