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San Francisco Gets Advanced Parking Meters that Accept Credit Cards!

Go out to dinner often where you have to feed the meter?  Tired of fiddling with your coins?  Perhaps it’s time for you to move to San Francisco where they have advanced parking meters that accept credit cards.

Why don’t every city in the U.S. have these?  That’s what I am wonderin’…

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iPhone Hack – How to Make an iPhone Stand with Old Credit Cards!

We’ve seen a ton of DIY iPhone stands in the past, here’s another one that uses your old credit cards.  I think this is the best method I’ve seen so far since it makes use of your old credit cards or even those hotel plastic keys you forgot to leave with the hotel.

This could be great for any other smartphone too, like the new Google Nexus One.

I originally planned on the phone resting on the big card, but the notches in the front hel

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Credit Card DIY – How to Cut Up a Credit Card!

Here’s the “right way” to cut up your credit card in 15 different slices.  I like to actually cut it up and throw the “halves”, one in the garbage and the other somewhere else.

Either way, you need to cut those credit cards up so you can be protected from over-using(abusing) them in these recession times.

To [scramble] the data in the magnetic stripe, run a very strong magnet along the stripe on the back of the card. Apply scissors or a hammer to the chip embedded in the card…


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DIY Guitar Hack – How to make Plastic Guitar Picks Out Of Discarded Credit Cards!


Well, this one is no-brainer really, but if you didn’t think of it before, now you know how to make guitar picks out of credit cards.

Definitely a great way to save you some extra bucks while re-using your credit cards or fake credits you receive in the mail.

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