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Newspaper Laptop Sleeves that “disguise” your Laptop!

Here’s a creative idea for a laptop sleeve that will “disguise” your laptop from the public, a newspaper laptop sleeve!

I have to say the creators of this laptop sleeve are smart and I think this will start going “viral”.

Needless to say though, once this thing gets big and everywhere, I don’t think it will be effective anymore.  Still, a great idea at the right time.

via lifehacker

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Interview with Inventor of Linux, Linus Torvalds!

I’ve read books of 2 of the most unique creators of operating systems, that is Linus Torvalds, the creator of Linux, and Bill Gates, the creator of Microsoft Windows.

Of course, I did get the feeling that Bill Gates was a money-hungry, arrogant, geek-vampire from his book while I got the feeling that

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Czeers MK1 Solar Speed Boat

The Czeers MK1 solar speed boat runs completely on solar power, total of 14 square meters photovoltaic solar cells mounted on all of its top surface.

The solar speed boat is supposedly world’s first solar powered speedboat.

Czeers MK1 comes built with carbon fiber everywhere for light weight and durability.

The boat’s top speed?

The MK1 can go up to 30 knots, an amazing feat for a boat completely powered by the sun with no CO2 gas or any other pollution-causing fumes.

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Ropeless Jump Rope is not a Jump Rope!


This one is hilarious. It’s really amazing how creators can market pretty much “anything”….

Yes, just snap some pictures of people who lost weight and then nice snazzy video for a cheap million bucks.

Heck, they might as well sell “invisible” jump rope.

via bb gadgets

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Web2.0 Expo 2008 – SpringNote – Wiki-based Online Notes

HeeKyong Yoon from SpringNote.com, was nice enough to chat with me on their cool “wiki” product, SpringNote:


FYI, SpringNote.com is a subsidiary of NcSoft.com, the creators of legendary online game, Lineage.

Well, I tried out SpringNote, here’s a screenshot:

It’s very simple to use, just like a real notebook except you have unlimited number

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DIY – Robotic Yellow Drum Machine plays Drums!

Wow, this has to be one of the cooler DIY robots I’ve seen in a long time. Basically, it plays drums. Not real drums, but it plays your household stuff like vases as drums. Beautifully done, we give it an A+ for the creators. (Btw, we are not selling the blog for $1000, our readers say it’s too cheap! How much should we sell it for? j/k April FOOLS!)

Notice how the robot first plays on the object it finds (or is forced to find by the angry cameraman), plays a small beat, and records the beat it plays on it. Then this recorded beat

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Maker Faire Live Blogging – ALAVs by Jed Berk!


Check out these Cool ALAVs (Autonomous Light Vessels) by Jed Berk! Tight! It uses Sun Microsystems SunSpot microcontroller, which can be programmed in Java. I like this idea since there’s a lot of Java embedded processors out there but this ones from the creators. Jed tells me that all the pieces were 3D designed on the computer and laser-cut, kinda cool~ 🙂

Jed says, Make Store will

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New MANOI Athlete Humanoid Robots

Cool robots~

What do a 47 year old wind-turbine designer, a 16 year old high school student, a 30-something hobbyist and ex-R/C car fanatic, and the worlds most well known character-type robot creator have in common?

They all live, eat, breath, and sleep humanoid robots. For them, its an uncontrollable passion. Plain and simple, they love robots. And, luckily for all the rest of us robot fans around the world, Kyosho, with support from Kondo brought together this unusual team of robot creators

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