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Christmas DIY – How to Make Creative Christmas Wreaths!

Couple years back I made my own creative Christmas wreath out of fans and LEDs, here’s a bunch of crafty and creative Christmas Wreath ideas for the holidays.

I really like the fact that the author re-uses and recycles materials to build her Christmas Wreaths instead of buying them:

This month I decided to tackle the common Christmas wreath. Little did I know that there are many many many

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DIY – The BEST WAY to blog – My latest strategy to blogging creatively

(Above is a screenshot of typical night at my apartment me blogging. Yes if you park at the Lincoln Park golf course, make sure to wave at me and yell out “Zedomax”)

Here’s some guidelines on best ways to blogging:

Wear comfortable clothes. My choice is the HULK Boxers from Wal-mart. (only $2.99) I usually don’t wear any shirts. If you must, make sure to wear a t

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Color changing LED from buring man

My artist friend from college used to tell me about burning man,

it’s a event held in the middle of the desert basically w/ bunch of regular people,

crazy people, and people w/ lots of creative ideas…

Anyways, Make has some interesting color changing LEDs which are kinda cool…

Yes, one day i gotta go here w/ my party lights

well i will have to use LEDs…

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