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World’s Most Awesome/Crazy DIY PC Case Mods!

PC modders have been very creative and a bit *crazy* ever since birth of desktop computers back in the 80s.  Here’s a collection of world’s most “awesome” PC case mods you won’t want to miss.

1. We will start with a rather modest PC Case mod, completely made out of wood.  This could accent your home’s wooden furniture well plus you can even make something more stylish such as seen below:


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Crazy Apple Fanboys Make $2000 DIY iPhone Costumes!

Wanna be a GIANT iPhone for this Halloweens and also have functional 42-inch iPhone screen?  These crazy Apple fanboys have just done that, sticking a 42-inch HD TV onto their iPhone costumes which relay display from their iPhones.  All I can say is, WOW.

This all started two years ago Reko Rivera and Bobby Hartman created a wearable large iPhone costume with a real 37″ lcd tv. An iPod was attached with a looping video of a real iphones screen in normal use. This time with the help of John Savio and John Matthews the team created yet another amazing rendition of the n

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Crazy Wingsuit Base Jumping/Flying!





Going at over 100MPH sorta like flying squirrels, these wingsuit base jumpers are really taking skydiving to another level.

via onearthtravel

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Tesla coil sparks

Holy crap, this is some tight tesla coil action!

The 6 inch coil has performed better than expected with sparks reaching 8 feet (0.5 million volts). The photo above shows 7 foot sparks to the closest point of the ladder. This is with a large topload and a tank capacitance of 92 nF (0.092 uF) at a power in excess of 5 kVA. A lot of smoke comes from my spark gap at runs of over 5-10 seconds at the highest powers. I suspect it is

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Video – What happens inside a harddrive

[gv data=”9eMWG3fwiEU”][/gv]

Here’s a really cool video of what the harddrive does while the user types,

copy & pastes, and etc…etc…

Joshuamarius writes – “Simple operations performed by a hard drive with no cover, so that you can see what it looks like inside. This experiment was performed on an old hard drive, do not try this with newer expensive hard drives, it is a bit risky. “

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Cool Flash – Crazy Rabbit

Check out this cool flash in which a crazy rabbit will eat your mouse cursor!

via changar

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