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DIY Waste Paper Basket Made From Waste Paper!

Why didn’t we think of this like a decade ago?  It’s a waste paper basket made from waste paper!  What a neat idea for recycling and re-making all that waste paper, especially think of having one of these next to a regular metal waste paper basket just for recycling waste paper.

Okay, you get the idea, I do a sorta-similar thing with paper bags I get from the grocery store and use them as recycle basket for recycleables.

Design by Studio CRANK

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Parking Hack – How to Hack Parking Meters!

Well, San Francisco has been buzzin’ with new parking meters that can be paid wireless via your cellphone or even re-charged via a website.

Here’s a bunch of neat stuff on how to hack parking meters.

*NOTE: This is informational only, not for real life, don’t blame us if you get arrested. :p

If you can find a similar-sized coin from another country, that might be a good way.  I used to use Korean won coin

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Crank TV Remote with No Battery!

Here’s a prototype TV remote that works by user squeezing the handle to generate little itty bits of electricity to change the channel or the volume. Nice work, this might be the start of many other battery-free remote controls.

This is the No Battery Remote Control by the SMK Corp. it works on the principal similar to one of those toy ray guns, where the user squeezed the trigger a few times and it began to light up the lights and mak

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Jet Powered Van!



Lol…here’s how you can turn your family van into a racing Jet Powered Van!

So you thought that driving a van was not cool? Think again, with this van when someone gives you a dirty look all you need to do is flip a switch to open the rear window and slide the two massive jet turbine exhaust ports out. Crank up the jet turbine and burn everything behind you! On the track it can do 1/8th mile in 7.65 seco

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