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Flashlight Hack – How to Power your Gadgets Using a Crank Flashlight!


Here’s another great hack by KipKay on how to power your gadgets using a crank flashlight.

Very innovative and green indeed, great knowing this before a natural disaster of some sort.

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Solar Powered Flashlight!

People say that all that cranking on a crank flashlight is healthy and does much good for your forearms yet this Solar Powered Flashlight proves that you don’t need any human energy to re-charge itself.  Might make a great gift for your zombie-like friend.

BOGO Light charges – and recharges – in the sun. Its 6 powerful LED lights shine brightly: providing reliable and re

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Crane Crank It Up Calamity Kit!

It’s one thing to have an emergency kit that requires batteries and it’s another whole level if you got one that can be cranked for power.  The Crane Calamity Kit comes with a crank radio, crank flashlight, and crank indigo lantern so you can feel safe in emergencies.  We agree that every emergency kit should at least come with an option to crank power nowdays.

After many “dinner in the dark” experiences, C. Crane has the p

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