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BlackBerry 9630 Niagara Spotted in the Wild with Qualcomm CDMA!

Tight, looks like Blackberry 9630 is not far away for people like me who’s still holding onto the 8830.  Anyways, it’s a good news that the 9630 will probably like its predecessors but better, faster, and meaner.  Lookin’ forward to it RIM.

Not only is the phone turned on this time, but we’ve also caught it lying across some shagadelic leopard print. Additionally, the fine folks over at the Crackberry forums have a couple

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Zedomax.Net Web2.0 Crunch…

Here’s this week’s wrap up of Web2.0 companies and ramblings over at .Net:

Craigslist needs to update their graphicsGoogle Adsense will be available for RSS feeds, more money for bloggers.

Jobirn, a new type of job referral network launched.

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DIY – Go SiteHoppin with a NerdCycle!

Lol, here’s a great way to go site hoppin with your computer monitor on your exercise bike.

Mind you, you can put SiteHoppin on “SlideShow” mode and surf the web while you exercise.

I bought an exercise bike on Craigslist for $100. I rode it five times. It then became my footrest while I surfed the net, as it is next to my computer desk. Recently, I decided enough was enough, and I had to make it fit into my lifestyle. So, some hacking was in order.


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DIY HACK – HOWTO Hack StumbleUpon using StumbleBots!

Well, I have never used these methods before, but I hopped onto it the other day so I might as well share it with the world.

There are 2 stumblebot sites, stumblebot.com and stumblebot.net.

Stumblebot.com is actually a software they sell for like $147, it’s sorta like those Craigslist automators.

It looks like it’d work pretty good. But I wouldn’t pay for it, I think StumbleUpon itself is becoming a big scam wh

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