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DIY Crafty Halloween Ideas!

Here’s some really neat DIY crafty Halloween Ideas involving your pumpkin and some creativity.

If you’re looking for some easy ideas for Halloween decorating and entertaining, try these quick crafts. They’re sure to beautify (or boo-tify) your home with a minimum of effort.

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DIY – Make yourself a keyboard made out of wood!

Yo, this is tight as* keyboard kit you can make! A wooden keyboard?!?

Yamaguchi Kougei, the wood products and lacquerware dealer based in Fukui prefecture that created the Hacoa brand, typically crafts each keyboard by hand in a labor-intensive process that allows them to complete one keyboard per day. The slow production process makes it difficult for the company to fill large orders and prompts them to charge around 50,000 yen ($435) per

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Maker Faire – Flying Saucer Oven


Here’s a simple flying saucer oven that uses a single light bulb yet heats up to 425 degrees fahrenheit!

They won the Dorkbake competition. This is really simple but great idea!

Eric and Jodi Kurland Eric is an award-winning filmmaker and digital artist whose films have played in festivals around the world. Jodi is a physical therapist and self-published photographer and author known to dabble in crafts.


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