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Tin DIY – How to Re-Make Holiday Tins!



For those of you with holiday tins stacked up in your garage, here’s a great way to re-make and rejuvenate your holiday cans into usable, colorful tins.

Tins are always great for storage. You can decoupage them with colorful paper to match your craft room or even with pictures of whatever you plan to store inside. Or, if you really like to

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Home DIY – How to Make a Drum Lamp Shade!

Here’s a really cool DIY for those of your drummers and musicians alike, learn how to make a drum lamp shade that will coincidentally fit perfect with the rest of your musical instrument in your home.

Make your own barrel lamp shade using some simple materials picked up at craft and hardware stores.

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AirScooter II Ultralight Helicopter for 50Gs!

[gv data=”E-3beBkHMcg”][/gv]

You gotta check out the supposedly $50,000 personal helicopter. It is now becoming more and more practically for people to actually own a personal helicopter. The only thing is, it doesn’t look like it’s too sturdy for any kind of bad wheather. Well, looks are not everything, maybe it will perform under pressure. 

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