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Crack is Whack – iPhone 3G Cracks Everywhere!

The news is that iPhone 3G is causing a quite a stir with its “crack”.  Well, it’s always a great idea to have never bought one in the first place.  Wait until the “crack” is gone.

My honest recommendation is to wait for the iPhone 4G, where speeds will actually match the dollar amount you pay out from your pocket.  Or maybe this crack isn’t that common unless you drop it from the roof.

“Crack is whack!” Whitney Houston said.

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Foam Car built by a Lithuanian!

A Lithuanian builds a car from scratch using polyurethane foam.  It’s an amazing work of an art.  Perhaps he did it because foam weighs less than other meterials?

The car is probably not your daily driver but still, with the 30″ chrome wheels, you can at least look good in it.

Polyurethane, the wonder-polymer used in everything from appliances and textiles to electronics and footwear, is apparently the car building material-of-choice for this “sculptor” in Lithuania. You’d recognize his particular mixt

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DIY Phone Unlocking – Use Universal SIM Unlock Card

Lol, this little Sim Unlock Card fits between your SIM card and the phone.  There is even a microcontroller on the freakin’ thing, which probably does the unlocking job.

It supposedly works for many phones as listed on the product site at usbfever.com.

This SIM unlock is made of a very thin piece of FPC (0.10mm) with a Microcontroller mounted on, that goes between your Operator’s SIM card & the phone’s SIM socket.

Because of it’

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