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Weekend Evil Humor – Furby in Microwave


Here’s Furby in Microwave to get your weekend started right!

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Robot Week! Contest!

Picture via robots6270.mit

Zedomax will be featuring bunch of Robot stuff this week so if you’ve got some robots, make sure to take a picture and send them to max at zedomax dot com!

Best robot picture will get a hundred bucks via paypal!

(by submitting your picture, you’ve agreed to let us show it on our site.)


DIY HACK – How to build your own Monster Subwoofer!

Check out this cool DIY on making your own subwoofer. I tried this before using some wood and plexiglass and it’s real fun once you hear the sub workin’

So I began to wonder if I couldn’t make something half decent myself. Ordinarily I wouldn’t attempt to build a loudspeaker; it’s notoriously difficult to work out the optimal dimensions of the cabinet; in addition sound woodwor

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The Cool Robot Links of the Day

(Picture via nickbaxter)


World’s smallest MP3 Player!

Check out the 24mm cubic box mp3 which is supposedly the smallest MP3 player ever?!?

Never before has such a big sound come from such a tiny device! And when we say tiny, we really mean tiny. We are not just talking about palm-sized. We are talking about finger-sized. But size is not a sacrifice for quality and performance. You get the same level quality of sound than the top MP3 players on the market that

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DIY HACK – Motorcycle Light HOWTO Video

We’ve seen this before, a bike light, but this guy makes it for his motorcycle! Cool…

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DIY HACK – RFID Door Lock with a Basic Stamp!


Here’s a really cool project using RFID to simulate a door lock or identification system of some sort.

The design is fairly straight forward, a custom circuit board links the BASIC Stamp to the RFID reader, and is powered by 12v. When a valid card is recognised, it provides 12v output to a door strike, and buzzer for 3 seconds. When an invalid card is recognised, it pulses 12v to a buzzer only for 250 milliseconds 3 times in a row (see below

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2048bit encryption – REAL secure wifi


Here’s an interesting video on making your wifi encrypted at 2048 bits! The video itself is kinda crappy (not that I can make a better video), but the information is great. I wonder how long it will take to crack 2048bit WEP…if there is one…

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