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Cuttlefish learns in the Embryo!

Lol, this is cool, I guess Cuttlefish is the only living organism that can learn inside the egg…

Before they have even hatched, cuttlefish embryos can peer out of their eggs and spot potential prey. It is the first time any animal has been shown to learn visual images before they are born.

Ludovic Dickel and his colleagues at the University of Caen Basse-Normandy, France, made the discovery by placing crabs alongside cuttlefish eggs in a series of laboratory tanks. Those embryos exposed to crabs preferred them as prey later in life, th

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Crabfu’s SwashBot 3 made using ShapeLock


What’s great about this DIY isn’t just the Crabfu robot but the material ShapeLock used to make it. Well, I’ve been looking for something that you can mold easily such as ShapeLock.

Great DIY and thanks for sharing the information with us.  The crab robot is so awesome!  (except crabs walk sideways, not forwards and backwards…hehe you need to add one more leg on the back to really crab it, I know because I go crab-fishing all the time.)

I-Wei thought his

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Blog Break – Max goes to Ocean Beach with his girlfriend’s brother’s dog, Za!


As I promised, I did go to the beach earlier. The one great thing about the beach is that you can see the never-ending ocean.

What does that do for you?

Well, basically, you look at the ocean and forget everything and feel relaxed. Whenever I feel

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