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2008 CES!

Wow, I definitely wanted to go check out CES so I can gamble on the nights but too bad I have some personal emergencies so I can’t go. Well, at least I can always go to the folks at Gizmodo and check out what they have been checking out at the show. My favorite currently is the Wowwee Bladestar, what’s yours? (Well, my favorite will probably change in

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DIY WordPress HACK – Upgrade from WP-Cache and Get WP-SuperCache for your WordPress Blog

I was moving Bedzine, Keetsa, Sleepzine, Mattresszine, and Wagg.It to another server the other day and my WP-Cache kept stallin’ on me so I looked up go Google for a newer version. I found WP-SuperCache which is simply built on top of WP-Cache. Basically, the difference between the two is that the WP-SuperCache also creates a permanent

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