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Body DIY – How to Cure Ankle Sprains!

I’ve broken my ankle before when I was younger couple times, I haven’t broken them since but here’s some interesting findings that ankle sprains can easily be avoided with regular ankle exercise that really consists of you balancing yourself on one foot.

A growing body of research suggests that many of those second (and often third and fourth) sprains could be avoided with an easy course of treatment. Stand on one leg. Try not to wobble. Hold for a minute. Repeat.

via nytimes

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Savory Converts PDFs into your Kindle 2!

The Kindle 2 maybe one of the hottest and coolest gadgets this year.  Aside from its magnificent strategies to cut down on number of trees used for making books, the Kindle 2 is portable, energy efficient (with its LCD), and also free broadband connection via EDVO so you can buy and download digital versions of practically every new book that you’d normally get at your local bookstore.

Anyways, the only thing that SUCKS about the Kindle 2 is

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Zedomax Server Update

Hi everyone,

As you know, Zedomax.com has been loading slower and slower lately with the server going down at least couple times a week.

We will be finally upgrading to a new server as I have saved up enough money to do so.  In the meanwhile, you can always enjoy the site (even when it’s down) using an RSS reader such as Google Reader, Netvibes, etc…etc…

Thanks for all your continued support for reading my blog. 🙂

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Moller Flying Car – The Autovolantor!

Moller has been building flying cars for decades now based in Davis, California, the same town that I went to college.  I remember hearing about my friends who “saw” a flying car in the field at least couple times a month before I found out about it blogging.

Anyways, Moller has a new type of flying car called the Autovolantor which can “fly” over traffic occasionally but it’s not designed for full flights.

I like this new hybrid mo

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Drivemocion brings you the Middle Finger at your fingertips!

Although I hate to do it, I must admit I do flip off many drivers as some drivers in San Francisco just need to be flipped off.  (Hey, you can’t help it if you live in a metropolitan area.  It’s not my fault that the person driving in front of me almost killed me and drove me off the road by cutting me off!)

Now this Drivemocion can let you do that without even sticking your fingers outside.

The good part is that you can also do other emotions such a

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