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GMAIL Tip – How to See Unread Emails in GMail!

Here’s a simple tip for those of you who need to see all the unread e-mails and mark them read.  (like old e-mails)

Simply do a search for “label:unread” in your searchbox in Gmail.

Then select all then go to More Actions->Mark as read.

These unread messages might be annoying especially if you have couple hundred of these, it might be hard for you to filter actual new mail.  But do this every once in awhile and you won’t have those problems.

Happy GMailin’~

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DealMax – 16% Discount on TokyoFlash Watches!

Paul from our partner site Tokyoflash just buzzed me on a great deal for any of these Kisai watches, all worth couple hundred bucks, you might want to take advantage of it.  Basically you can get these watches for 19,900 yen, about $214, from the regular price of $258.17.  All you gotta do is register as a V.I.P, which is completely free.


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Best Ionic Air Purfier Review!

If your house doesn’t get much fresh air or simply you need to purifie it, you do have a choice, that of getting an ionic air purifier.

You need to get an ionic air purfier, not just a generic air purifier.  There’s a bunch of “regular” air purifiers out on the market today but they are not as efficient nor recommended as the ionic ones.

The PlasmaWave Air Purifier probabl

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Laptop DIY – How to Recharge Your Laptop via External Battery!

There’s been a lot of innovations towards laptop external batteries and here’s one that could recharge your battery, extending your battery life up to 7 hours more.

You can get up to 7 hours of extra laptop charge simply by hooking it up with one of these external batteries.

The thing I like most about this external laptop battery is the size, it’s small enough to fit in your laptop bag.


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How to Rejuvenate your Old Mattress with a Matress Topper!

In these hard economic times, it’s hard to buy a new mattress because it will cost you at least couple hundred or near 1-2 thousand at best.

Well, I am here to tell you that you don’t need to buy a new mattress, especially if your mattress is working fine currently.

But you can rejuvenate your old mattress with a mattress topper and make it all new again.

Keetsa sells these green tea memory foam mattress toppers.  I have one of them, not for my mattress, but for my friends/guests to s

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Windows Vista Tips – How to Recover to an Earlier Point in Time!

Today, I decided to buy a new laptop since my previous two $2000 HP laptops keep dying on me constantly.

I did get a Dell Inspiron 1525 for about $600 at my local BestBuy.  It turns out the laptop gives you bang for your dollar.

Although I do hate even saying Vista as of lately, I decided to give it another go and see if Vista would stay on the laptop as it came with it.  The funniest thing happened though, I got the “unlimited” blue screens of death after installing one of my older

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HTC T-Mobile G1 Features Video


Here’s another video of T-Mobile G1.  I do like the phone but I still have some doubts about the slow T-mobile network.  If I can recall right, the last time I test T-Mobile, it was as slow as AT&T.

I’d wait until a similar phone is available on Sprint or Verizon, I am not sure if I can handle this, iPhone and G1 on the most crappiest networks in America, darn.  There’s goes another couple hundred bucks in my piggy bank, instead of to greedy telecommunication companies.

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Samsung WiMAX Wave2 Products!

Isn’t it great that Samsung has probably developed over couple hundred WiMAX devices in the last few years while we, in the U.S., don’t even get to see WiMAX yet?

But no worries, as soon as Sprint gets their stuff together, we should be able to take advantage of the numerous different WiMAX devices available already by Samsung.

The good news?

They just rolled out with WiMAX Wave2 products which is even faster than the standard WiMAX.

Whoo Hoo!  Do expect to be watchi

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