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Gadgets that don’t work – HairMax LaserComb doesn’t cure your Baldness!

Today, I was sitting down on my toilet to read the latest Wired magazine I had sitting around for couple days.  In the back, I’ve noticed an ad about HairMax, a Laser-activated comb gadget that supposedly helps the re-growth of your hair.  I just wondered how many of these the company was selling with that ad spot in the back of Wired magazine.

Well, it turns out that I just stumbled onto CNet’s Dong Ngo’s post abo

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DIY – How to Make a USB Authenticated Door Lock!


Here’s a fun project that reminds me of myself trying to make an alarm system.  Anyways, the author has figured out how to read the actual “serial number” of the USB Flash Drive (That is the key) instead of reading any data.

Clever, smart, a great new way to authenticate door locks have been found, much better than the

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Zedomax.com Updated with a New Dual Quad-Core Xeon Harpertown Server from Cari.Net!

Things have been a little crazy as I have been running around town helping small business owners get ahead using my guerilla blog marketing techniques.  (I also wrote an E-book for intermediate bloggers over at my Adsense Optimization blog.)

Anyways, I spent couple hours today upgrading my server from a Dual-Core Woodcrest Xeon processor to a Dual Quad-Core Harpertown Xeon processor.  Of course, I use a

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Obama or McCain?

Well, I did get a little harsh on Palin the other day, our reader Nicole Price from GreatPricesHere.com left a comment that did get my attention and I’ve had enough of this Political drama between Obama and McCain.

Frankly, I take no sides in this political campaign but McCain is too OLD to be President.

I really like how McCain answer gay marria

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Ab Solo – Tried it and it’s decent!


I’ve seen this Ab Solo machine at my local gym about 9 months ago and sadly, it’s a good machine but I find it an ineffective, expensive ab machine.

Of course, it’d be good for gyms, but I would have second thoughts about having one in my house, it’s too bulky, expensive, and the balls are kinda dangerous. I actually have experience breaking one of my fingers doing these exercise, I highly recommend you stay away from this type of exercise, there’s so many other safer

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Wilderness Survival Fire Sparkle and Blade Cutter!


If you are heading out to the mountains to camp out for couple days, you might want to consider getting one of these Wilderness Survival Fire Sparkle and Blade Cutter which can start fire with ease.

Of course you can always carry a bunch of lighters with you but where would all the fun go then?

Re-live the wilderness at only $5.90.

via dealextreme

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SiteHoppin Toolbar Private Beta Launched and Invites for Zedomax.com readers!

SiteHoppin Toolbar Private Beta Launched!

Hi All,

We just launched private beta testing of SiteHoppin Toolbar.

You can e-mail me at zedomax [at] gmail.com to get a private beta invitation code then go here.

Remember, we are only looking for 1,000 beta testers at this point so I highly suggest you get in early as the doors will close within couple days.

Here’s a screenshot of the new SiteHoppin Toolbar:

Basically, it let’s you surf the web, bookmark sites, and hop them really really really

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