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Parenting DIY – How to Get your Kids to Do What You Want Them To Do!

Here’s a simple advice for parents out there who are trying to motivate their kids to do things such as sports.

1. Do not “force” your children to do what you want them to do.

2. Make your kids “hungry” about things you want them to do.

3. Find a way to make your kids have “fun” on the things you want them to do.

4. Once they are having “fun”, make them stop even if they cry or whine.  This will make them “hungry” the next time they do the same thing.

5. Wait a couple days and repeat steps

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Twitter DIY – How to Stumble Twitter Like StumbleUpon!

Well, I apologize to my readers for lack of posts, my full attention has been gone toward Twitterland(Watch this video that explains what happened to me last couple days), I have been working 24/7 on a new site called StumbleTweets, it let’s you stumble Twitter like StumbleUpon, except it’s a lot better and uses tweets to find interesting new sites in “real-time”.

If you get bored stumbling old, outdated stuff on StumbleUpon, try Stumble Tweets as it will r

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Food Hack – How to Make Pickled Pepperoncini!

One of my favorite things to do in the kitchen is to get a jar of Greek Pepperoncinis and eat them one by one until they are all gone.  I don’t know why but pepperoncinis are very addictive, sorta like Korean spicy food, that must be why.

Anyways, I don’t think pickling pepperoncinis are hard, it seems all you need is some distilled vinegar, salt, pepperoncinis, and just put them in a jar for couple days.

Of course, there’s other w

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BBQ DIY – How to Barbeque Tri-Tip and Baby Back Ribs in High Altitude!

I had the pleasure of taking couple days off last week to head up to Lake Tahoe.  One of my best friend’s had a cabin up there and we’ve decided to go BBQ crazy in snow and high altitude.

Of course, we did go through some drifting lessons in the snow while trying to go uphill when the road was frozen, but we will get into that later.

On the first day, I barbecued bunch of stuff including a tri-tip and baby back ribs.  What I’ve n

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Today’s Laptop Reviews on the Laptop Blog!

Here’s some of the latest laptop reviews on our laptop blog today and last couple days I have gone missing doing other projects:

Check out the new Acer Aspire One D150 review and it’s available now for pre-order at Amazon here.

Do also check out ASUS N280 review and it’s

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SiteHoppin Re-Launched as Domain Search Engine!

One of my greatest websites I ever made (and hard-coded all myself) using MediaWiki open-source as base platform is SiteHoppin.com.

SiteHoppin has been re-launched as a domain search engine.  Basically, it’s like Digg but we only store your URL infomation, no content whatsoever other than previews under iFrames.

You can also submit your blog/website URLs as they will get indexed by Google and other search engines much quicker.

Due to time c

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Zedomax Blog Search Engine Update!

I’ve been so lately that I’ve hired Andrew, one of our network bloggers to do blog posts since last couple days ago.  (Yes, I will have to update who writes the post, I forgot to add that during the WordPress Theme change.)

Anyways, I have been busy but I will hopefully come back to full-time blogging soon.

The latest update on the Zedomax Blog Search Engine includes recent searches and popular searches so you can check out what other people are “

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Bed Blog Search Engine Launched!

Bedzine Blog Search Engine has been launched today and I had to work (or play,hack, whatever) for the last 24 hours w/o sleep.

The main reason I am spending so much on this new blog search engine idea is the fact that it can help readers find what they “want”, not simply the latest blog posts on the home page.

Of course, our web stats been hitting the roof last couple days too, mainly due to people “searching” after landing on a blog post they are not interested in.

I will prob

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Add Zedomax Search Engine to your Firefox Seach Bar!

Well, it’s been a crazy couple days of coding (I am sorry for my regular readers but I have some more awesome posts coming soon).

Anyways, you can now add Zedomax Blog Search Engine to your Firefox, simply by clicking the below button.

Enjoy and we are working on implementing more new Web3.0ish strategies to improve our search results.

Click Here to Install Zedomax Search Engine on your Firefox

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New Design for Zedomax WordPress Theme!

Here’s my new Web3.0 design for Zedomax’s new WordPress Theme.  Well, it looks kinda crude since I put it on my kitchen whiteboard but I will let update with HOWTOs and the theme available for free download when I am done.

Basically, I will be redesigning the site to be more like a search engine.  Since Zedomax.com has a LOT of information but it’s hard to search, I will make a custom WordPress image search.  That would be fun hey?

I have been noticing how many new RSS subscribers HackNmod

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