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Bed Made From Recycled 747 Jet Liner!

Boy, if you are like me, you will want to get one of these awesome eco-beds made from recycled 747 jet liner.  It is classy and perfect fit for any home.

Besides a circle bed, you can probably just use it as a guest couch too.  Of course, it would be nice if you can choose which 747 jet liner to re-make.

Prices aren’t listed but I am guessing it’s going to be in the $1000-2000 range for this kind of modification,

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Best Ionic Air Purfier Review!

If your house doesn’t get much fresh air or simply you need to purifie it, you do have a choice, that of getting an ionic air purifier.

You need to get an ionic air purfier, not just a generic air purifier.  There’s a bunch of “regular” air purifiers out on the market today but they are not as efficient nor recommended as the ionic ones.

The PlasmaWave Air Purifier probabl

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Pet Toy Hack – How to Make an Internet-Enabled Pet Toy!


Here’s an interesting hack concerning a device which can control lasers via the internet to keep your pet busy.

I would have to say this might be a great way to get your dog/cat’s attention while being able to see him/her in front of the webcam. (if she/he is not in sight of course)

I think this is a good idea that could be transformed into something commercial in the future for real dog/cat owners who might be at work.

So what is LaserPup? It is not a dog with a laser

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Arduino Hack – Arduino Unmanned Aerial Vehicle!


Stuff like this really interest me as I find it amazing how you can fit an Arduino in an UAV such as this one.

As you can see; when the Blade CX2 bounces on the ground, the power wire for the compass comes unplugged, then the rudder is out of control, which allows the Blade CX2 to spin, then the proximity cyclic no longer have a fix on the two walls. Once the Wash UAV’s cyclic is pointing at the couch rather t

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Wide Portable Keyboard and Mouse Platform for Couch PC Potatoes!

Although I could never really blog off my desk, (maybe once in a while), this Gamers Desk combo of keyboard and mouse might just work perfectly with my couch and HDTV.

LapWorks’ Gamers Desk helps bring PC gaming into the living room and onto HDTVs, where gamers can leave their desks behind and use the wide, 11 x 26 3/4 inch platform as a gaming desk on their lap. The Gamers Desk provides a comfortable, lap-spanning platform with ample space for a broad gaming keyboard and optical mous

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Fake TV – LED TV really…


Anyone up for a fake tv for home security?

Nothing says “people are home” like a window with the flickering light of a TV coming out of it. I mean, if I was a thief I certainly wouldn’t try to break into a house that looked like it had people plopped on the couch inside it. I’d just move on to the next dark house on the block.

via dvice

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WiiHelm – Wii Helmet


Your neck might hurt and you might have to go see a chiropractor after using the WiiHelm but at least you can be lazy and sit on your buttocks…

The Nintendo Wii has surely revolutionized gaming as we know it. Rabid fanboys everywhere are now flailing their arms in delight as they wield the Wiimote as a tennis racket, baseball bat or sword. Problem is the average gaming geek is just not up to the strenuous task of vigorous arm movement for longer than 10 minutes. This makes those extended play

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