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Halloween DIY – How to Make “Corn Dog” Costume for your Dog!

Dog Halloween costumes are certainly essential if you plan on taking him/her with you to a Halloween party or even a nice treat-or-treating walk.  Of course, if you dress up your dog, you might even expect some more candy so learn how to make a costume for your dog.  This DIY shows you how to make a “Corn Dog” costume for your dog, hilarious! – link

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Halloween DIY – How to Make G.I. Joe Costume!


I still remember when my dad first brought G.I. Joe toys straight from his latest American business trip when I used to grow up in South Korea.  Well, here’s how to become a G.I. Joe “Duke” for the holidays.  (and yes, make sure you don’t carry a real gun, that’d be bad news…)

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Halloween DIY – How to Make a Werewolf Mask Costume!

Werewolf has always been the most awesome creature at Halloween, here’s a great guide on how to make yourself  a werewolf mask costume!

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Interesting Techy Halloween costume


Here’s a very creative techy halloween costume.

via gizmodo

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Halloween DIY – Talking Skull


[gv data=”URQ4kx6Zy0g][/gv]

Here’s an awesome talking skull for halloween!

“I took him out to the garage and disconnected his eye and mouth motors from the main post. I then used 2 – 2″ screws and attached the jaw to the motor of the douglas talking fir(DTS now) I used hot glue and sealed the screws to the mouth to insure no slippage. I made a fitting in the skull with a 90 degree fitting and a 3″ piece of PVC that I attached to the inside of the skull with screws. I can now attached

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mekevorka costume for halloween!


Wow, this is the most geekiest coolest halloween costume I’ve seen so far…


Here’s Donivan’s entry for the MAKE & CRAFT Halloween contest, he writes – “This is my MeKeVoRkA costume I made a few years ago. The chest plate is using an EL sequencer that has been modified to use a larger inverter. Unfortunately the photos don’t show all the strands lit at once. There is a Basic Stamp microcontroller tha

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Robot Video – HOWTO Build a robotic Dalek Pumpkin


Here’s a little cute robot right in time for halloween! 🙂

Oh my! MAKE FLickr photo pool member Oskay made robotic pumpkin Dalek – “We Evil Mad Scientists like Halloween. A lot. You might have already seen our old-school Cylon Jack-o-lantern. Here is another halloween electronics project, hopefully in time for you to make your own: It’s a radio-controlled robotic Dalek that can move around and turn its head. Oh, and did I mention that it’s a pumpkin?”

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Halloween DIY – Be a Zedi, make your own cool Light Sabre


If you are planning to be a Zedi this Halloween, you are going to love this, Michelle shows you how to make a quality Zedi Light Sabre from scratch…if you put some cool lasers, you might be able to upgrade it.

There are 4 parts, kinda long, but worth it if you are going to make one.

Part 1:

[gv data=”iC7mCP1E2sA”][/gv]

Part 2:

[gv data=”djJF_LNLeW8″][/gv]

Part 3:

[gv data=”WiCt_9v2148″][/gv]

Part 4:

[gv data=”S1Y8o8an2e0″][/gv]

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Halloween Pitchfork Program Update – Flaming Trident



Today, I figured I needed some more cool LED movement for my halloween pitchfork, so added a little flaming trident routine…

Just use this program instead:

Download Trident Program

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