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Green DIY – How to Green Your Pencil, Pen, Etc…etc…

Missy over at our green blog has posted an awesome DIY that shows you how to green your pen, pencils, and other alike-desktop accessories.

Use a pen or pencil made with materials that are earth friendly, such as FSC certified wood, corn based plastic, bamboo, and whenever possible go for pens and pencils made using recycled materials. Some notable companies in this space include Sustainable Group, which manufacturers pens made from FSC certified wood. Another is Keep America Beautiful which carr

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Samsung Eco-Friendly Cellphone made from Corn!

With everyone in the industry and consumers going green, Samsung has no choice but to follow in people’s footsteps by introducing an Eco-Friendly cellphone made from corn.

Now, I kinda like this concept of making phones from edibles.  Will they make some new phones out of milk too?  Even better, maybe they can use barley, the same stuff used for making my favorite beverage.

The E200 features a 1.3 megapixel camera, video messaging capabilities and an MP3 player.

Although the device will be available in Europe next month, it do

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