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WordPress DIY – How To Check For Spam Links After Being Attacked by Hackers!

About a month ago, some of my blogs got hacked BAD, they were FILLED with porn spam links.  Of course, it took me awhile to realize that it was actually a WordPress security hole.  I complained to WordPress people via Twitter but they told me WordPress was secure.

Anyway, today I heard that WordPress announced that WordPress has security holes, meaning if you don’t use the latest versions, you are susceptible to worms that will take over your admin privileges and possibly do nasty things like put spam links all ov

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Google Hack – How to Search Google Without Copy And Paste!

The guys over at Lifehacker have done a marvelous job of eliminating copy & pasting keyword searches.  Whether you are on your MS Word or any other application, you can use AutoHotKey to eliminate the “paste” part when you want to search for something.

Sincerely, Tired of Copy/Paste

Dear Tired of Copy/Paste,

Using the AutoHotkey scripting language we can throw together a tiny script that assigns the Ctrl+Shift+C shortcut key combination to automate copi

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PHP DIY – How to Add Caching to ANY website!

In my recent ventures, I have resorted to finding great PHP code to cache my website.

Even if you are not using WordPress, you can still make a simple PHP caching mechanism without the use of WordPress Super Cache.  (Well, all WordPress Super Cache is a PHP cache with user-friendly menus.)

Here’s how to add caching to your website:

Copy and paste the following code and save as “cache.php” in your website root directory:

<?php // Settings $cachedir = ‘cache/’; // Directory to cache files in (keep outside web root) $cachetime = 600

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How Apple Solved Copy and Paste 15 Years Ago!


Here’s an interesting video of how Apple solved the copy and paste mystery 15 years ago.  Anyone have an old Mac to try this on?

via bb

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