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PhantomAlert Give you “Wings” Above the Law, Cops, and DUI!


Today, I had the pleasure of  talking to Joseph Scott, CEO of PhantomAlert.com over at CJ University Event in Santa Barbara.   What impressed me the most wasn’t his products but his friendliness, I really like friendly people. 🙂  I think when you pitch a product to  bloggers, all you gotta do really is “be a nice guy”, Joseph is a perfect example.  (Thanks again for your friendship, I highly appreciated.)

Anyways, Joseph’s PhantomAlert isn’t just a

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Fantasy DIY – How to Escape Prison with an RC Blimp!

Although it’s hard to believe, some Italian Narc in Spanish prison has “attempted” to escape with an RC Blimp!  LMAO, this guy must be super smart, why is he in jail anyways?

Remember Leonardo Notarbartolo who robbed a diamond ba

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Action Hero Vests with Shotgun Ammo!

Damon Bonser just sent me these spy-shots of Action Hero vests they will be launching in 3 weeks, basically cool tank-tops with shotgun ammos realistically drawn in the shirts.  I have to say, you will definitely feel like a super-hero, just don’t wear it before you get on the plane to New York, they might think you actually have ammo on you from far away.  Also note that these awesome shirts come in DVD-like packaging, perfect as gift to your (hopefully not) aspiring young cop.

I am not a fan of cops in gener

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How to Not Get Your Ass Kicked by Cops!


Here’s a hilarious video of how to not get your ass kicked by cops when you get pulled over by Chris Rock. LMAO…

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DRS-1100 is a Black box for your car!


(Video of DRS-1100 recordings)

Check out this DRS-1100 Driver recording system for your car.  Basically, it’s a black box for your car to record your driving in case of accidents and insurance disputes.

I personally do think this is a great idea to protect against any kind of prejudice by cops or even for solid evidence if your car gets hit.

I can recall countless times where other people crash into my car, yet I cannot prove it in words or pictures.  This will definitely help insurance companies better

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Pistol Cams may Offer the “truth” behind every Gun Shot!

Pistol Cam, a gun-attachable camera that records audio and video during a gun shot, may help document and provide a solid evidence for every gun shooting by the police.

Whether the cop has shot a person unnecessarily or not, the Pistol Cam may be effective in reducing wrongly-convicted police crimes or people who get shot by accident by cops.

Currently it’s only being used in the high-crime U.S. metropolitan cities like LA and New York but if proven effective, it could be widespread throughout the co

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How to Graffiti your Website and Download an Image QUICK!

My blogger friend Jason Striegel from Hackszine sent this cool graffiti tool.  It’s a webapp that let’s you spray paint any website.  In my case, I had to pick Google.com and graffiti Zedomax.com with gold spray paint:

Now, this is a really fun thing to do as your finished artwork stays on the site and you can also download it.

If you are on a guest computer and without Photoshop, this could easil

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Cool Youtube Video – Automatic License Recognition

[gv data=”WA5Gy32aqdo”][/gv]

Check out this automatic license recognition system that can capture up to 600 license plates per hour. It isolates the license number on the license plate and also checks it against the local database. Well this isn’t good news for me since I still have to get my Motorcycle license. But it’s a good thing to know.

At least it will help if I do lose my car or motorcycle…hehe…

Plus, this thing can capture license plates at 100MPH! Well, you simply have to go faster now if you have a suspended license or yo

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Video – College Students Invent AWESOME Parallel Parking Device

[gv data=”4rvUq0FWfBs”][/gv]

Wow, check this out! College students invent awesome parallel parking device. This is very useful for people living in big cities. I wouldn’t call San Francisco a very big city, but there are lots of parking problems and this is a great invention! via techeblog

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