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Kool Boost Cigarettes with a Powerball!

Here’s an interesting new type of cigarette that lets you squeeze extra menthol by squeezing the butt-end of the cigarette.  Of course, this won’t help cure or lessen cancer…duh!

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The key to Kool Boost is the powerball – a cobalt blue plastic globe of concentrated menthol flavor that responds to pressure by releasing more menthol into the smoke stream. In effect, smokers can adjust each cigarette to their preferred level of coolness. That

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Make your Linux box look like a MAC

I don’t know what it is lately, MACs have been very appealing to me lately. Maybe because the new MACs are unix based or what… Regardless of how much money I don’t have in my pocket to buy one, here’s a way you can make your PC look like a MAC and fool people if you have Linux installed…

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