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DIY – Cork Lamp

Yes, it’s obviously a lamp made out of used wine corks. We dare you to build something like this. Check out all the other cool stuff you can make using corks here.

This should be pretty easy to make as long as you drink a lot of wine everyday. Actually I have a soju lamp I might have to show you next…

[via] lovemyearth

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Lancer Evolution X

Here’s some cool pics of the new Lancer Evolution X! I’d get some intercooler and turbo upgrades and maybe…maybe hack up my own touchscreen fuel management system. Well, I really don’t have the time, I need to keep blogging… are you blogging??? If not, you should be blogging!

via mobilemag

More cool stuff for the Lance Evolution X:


Electric Giraff, Submarine maker, and more at Maker Faire!

Check out some of the cool stuff and people that are going to be at the Maker Faire! (Including us but we have no idea what to bring…yet)

We will get to play with an electric giraff (hopefully) and meet with submarine maker Mike Wernecke.

You can get some tickets f

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The Top 5 Engineering Magazines

Here’s a good list of magazines that should help you get a feel for the engineering industry including application, products, and just for the hell of it. (It’s also the ones we subscribe to regularly…)

(Click on the magazine to go to their homepage)

Make has bunch of cool projects including the DIY coffee roaster among other cool stuff… They have a blog too.  (just in

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Zedomax Links and How to Get an Upgrade to First Class

This is really useful, I never have been on a plane for like a year and a half so don’t ask me to try it. But do let “us” know if you have been trying this tip.

Check out dabomb.tv! We got more videos now. On Stinkyworld.com, we have some cool stuff like:

The How Evil Are You? The Quiz

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CoilOSapien – Robosapien Coil Gun


We are back after couple days of hibernating! Yes, sometimes we need to recharge our energies for blogging power otherwise it would all deplete and we would not be able to find cool DIYs, gadgets, and other cool stuff floating on the internet.

Anyways, you can check out the Robosapien Coil Gun! (Yes, kids should not try this at home…)


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