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Android Mobile Platform SDK available for download and win $10 million by developing the best app!


Check out the new Android SDK, a developer’s kit so you can build apps for the new Android Platform. (Note: Android is simply an open-source operating system that can run on cellphones, it’s not the cellphone itself.)

Maybe we will try making a SiteHoppin application for the Android soon so you can hop on the new Android phones. (It already works on iPhones)

Google is also giving out $10 million

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Nightclub LED Lighting System


Cool stuff here.

Have a look at this cool Nightclub LED Lighting System. If I owned a nightclub this system would be one of the first enhancements that would be added. The company has done quite a few 3D models of their designs which provide a great idea of what the end result will look like. I would be interested in knowing what type of RGB LED element they use and how they get the color to fill the globe as evenly as they do.

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Skype Intergrated Keyboard

Cool stuff, not that I need it.

With this Buffalo keyboard and built-in Skype phone, otherwise known as the — get ready for it — BKBU-SKJ109/SV, you’ll have everything you need to communicate right in front of you. It’s like a little nerve center for the budding power executive or evil villain.

The receiver is

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Fiber Optic Lamps

Cool stuff…dude…let’s put it in your living room.

GloFab challenges the ugly fiber optic stereotype by weaving together what is almost a fiber optic fabric around a single light source, and shaping it into spheres or various custom fixtures

[via] TechEBlog

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This is Jason Bradbury Caterpillar Breakdancing…


Cool stuff Jason

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CES 2008 – Logitech diNovo


Cool stuff, wish they took a closer shot at the diNovo!

via Gizmologia

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SiteHoppin – the new search engine for iPhone that let’s you surf faster!

Cool stuff, thanks to guys at planet-iphones.com for posting this! 🙂 You guys rock!

All the the SiteHoppin’ says it’s developed by drunken people, (well it’s true), we didn’t mention the fact that we worked night and day to get this site ready for 2008 working through Christmas and New Years. Yes, call us Scrooge. But we are not rich as scrooge and have to work hard. (Yes, you should work hard too for your dreams! 🙂 )

For 2008, well at least starting from today, we wi

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How To Make A “Secret Container” Out Of A LIGHTER


Here’s how to make a secret container out of your regular BIC lighter.

Cool stuff.

via instructables

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Zedomax Forum!!!

Hi All,

I’ve finally got my lazy ass off my chair and made a new forum where you can talk about DIYs, hacks, gadgets, and other cool stuff on technology.

Check it out here:

Zedomax Forum

You don’t need to register again if you’ve registered for the blog again so…(just gotta login…)

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BRAIN FREEZE at Maker Faire – Hey we are at Maker Faire with Phillip Torrone!

Yes, Phil was going around at the end of the show yesterday so we persuaded him to take a picture with us. This week is amazing. My brain is about to expload from having the opportunity to see so much cool stuff.

Also check out photos and videos from Make Faire at Make Blog!

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