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SiteHoppin’ tranforms itself into a powerful free advertising platform for bloggers and site owners!

Yey, remember we were working on our new site, SiteHoppin.com?

Well, now there’s more reasons to use it.

On top of finding new interesting sites, you can get FREE traffic by earning Beer Credits.

Basically, everytime you hop or rate a site on SiteHoppin’, you will be able to earn Beer Credits, which you can later down the road, use for getting traffic (or hops) to your site.

We hope this makes the site takes off

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2008 CES!

Wow, I definitely wanted to go check out CES so I can gamble on the nights but too bad I have some personal emergencies so I can’t go. Well, at least I can always go to the folks at Gizmodo and check out what they have been checking out at the show. My favorite currently is the Wowwee Bladestar, what’s yours? (Well, my favorite will probably change in the next couple hours as I check o

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Space Elevator Games – Elevator 2010 Competition

DC from SpaceElevator came by the other day at my work to pick up some XPORT and XPORT Dongles. Well, he told me about some cool sites that build space elevators! The competition will be held at the X-PRIZE Cup in Las Cruces, NM on October 20-21. Thanks DC for the info! 🙂

Elevator:2010 is designed to address the “social engineering” of the Space Elevator. Taking our cue from the X-prize, solar car races, and various ot

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