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DIY HACK – HOWTO make some sounds with Arduino! Sound Part 3 – Playing a Melody

Check out the Part 3 of “HOWTO make sounds with Ardunio” and learn to play melody.

Bit-Banging Sound To bit-bang sound we toggle an output pin at the desired frequency. To play a musical note, we need to use specific frequencies and play the sound for a specific amount of time.

Generating the desired frequency big-bang style means figuring out what the period or cycle time of the desired frequency is. This is easy to calculate, it’s

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DIY HACK PROJECT – Audio Spectrum using an Atmel AVR MCU!


Wow, check out this cool audio spectrum analyzer you can make using an Atmel AVR MCU! Well, I’ve always wanted to make one of these but finally found it at HackedGadgets!

This is an experimental work to monitor a spectrum pattern in radio band, and is a continuous project from Audio Spectrum Monitor. To analyze the spectrum of an input s

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