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Web DIY – How to Increase Web Traffic!

Alexa, the company that aggregates all sorts of cool web traffic data, has a great blog post on how to increase web traffic.  If you are a blogger, webmaster, or anyone who’s trying to promote their website online, this might be a very useful blog post to read. (for FREE!)

Optimize Your Site. Use your keywords and phrases on your site. Put them in the title of your page, in the H1 tags, metatags and throughout your site. Use them in the text of links that point to your page. Shoot for having keyword density of about 6%.

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Web Programming Hack – How to Replace Images at Time Intervals with Fading!

Here’s another cool web programming hack for you web developers out there, how to replace images at a set time intervals using jQuery.  Nice. – link

This post is somehow a continuation of our previous post on replacing images, but this post is one step closer to creating an image gallery using jQuery. In this post I will show you how to replace one image with another one in specific time intervals. For example: replacing image1.jpg with image2.jpg every 5 seconds.

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