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Watch powered by compressed air!


Here’s a cool watch to hope that it gets on the market soon.  I do like it over those Swatches that wind by walking or movement.  (I had those Swatches fail on me before it I am working 24/7 in front of a computer and whenever I did move around, I usually took the watch off so…)

The UR-202 Hammerhead Automatic from Urwerk is a watch that demands your respect. It’s actually quite impressive. It features a unique winding system that’s regulated using compressed air. The 202 uses miniature twin turbines to control the

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Watches! Watches! Geomesh Watch by TokyoFlash

Wow, this is like the binary watch but better!

This one is called the Geomesh. It has brushed gunmetal finish with a grid face and 27 LEDs. You can choose between the multi-colored LED, All-blue LED and all-white LED version of the watch. The illuminated vertical LEDs indicate the hours white the horizontal ones indicate minutes in 5s or in 1s.

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