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Retro Cassette Tape Watch!

Do you like retro-style watches?  Well, the EOS New York Cassette Tape watch is finally here, all with an authentic, cassette tape, that actually is used to tell time!  Ridiculous!

The EOS Mixtape watch features a anodized black stainless steel case with “EOS NEW YORK” laser etched onto the base. On the sides of the case laser etched also is a robot and “60 MIN.” The dial has two movable discs which look like the movement of a real cassette tape. On the right dial is where the hands are locate

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JIT Watch – Just in Time Watch


Wow, check out this concept watch that will let you keep track of where you are in comparison with where you have to be using the latest technology.

In the rapidly changing world of consumer electronics and portable devices, a trend is occurring amongst artists and designers to embed social problems and concerns into these objects to shift their intended focus and intent. Taking this credo to an extreme with his work into technologically enhanced objects and accessories is German artist/designer Mar

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