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Lamp DIY – How to Make a Wine Bottle LED Lamp!

Here’s a really cool DIY showing you how to make a wine bottle LED lamp!  The cool thing here is the idea, that you can recycle your own empty wine bottles with some LEDs and power to illuminate your livingroom.

Great stuff.

A simple lamp using an old win bottle and a string of Christmas lights. A great gift idea.

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Digital Camera Hack – How to Control a Nikon or Canon Digital Camera with Nintendo DS!

Here’s a really cool hack that shows you how to control a Nikon or Canon digital camera using Nintendo DS.

A funny cool thing happens once the camera is controlled by what is essentially a instant-on computer. Where the Canon 5D can do a bracket of three shots, spread two stops apart, and the latest 1DS MKIII series can do a nine shot bracket, the “DS-DSLR” can do any number of shots, and if I don’t like the way it does it, I can rewrite the software to do it better.

The DS can run in bulb-mode as well, so I can do automated expo

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