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Ethernet Hack – How to Make a Remote Garage Monitor!

Are you one of those people who forget to close your garage door before leaving on a vacation to another country?

Well, do not worry as there’s a cool hack that shows you how to make a remote garage monitor so you can check it anywhere including your iPhone or Palm Pre.

Also, you can probably add a simple relay and open/close the garage door remotely.

Problem: My garage is detached from my house, difficult to see if the doors are open from the house. Or maybe I am in a hurry to rid

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Dress Hack – How to Tie a Tie in 10 Seconds!

Here’s a really cool hack for those of you who have to wear a tie to work everyday, learn how to tie a tie in 10 seconds or less!


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Circuit DIY – How to Make a Digital Paperless Receipt System!

Everytime I goto the Apple Store in San Francisco, I am amazed at how quickly you can check out without a receipt, the receipt actually can be sent to my e-mail box, which I can confirm in real-time using my Blackberry GMail app.

Apart from the Apple Store, I don’t see that many other retailers using paperless receipts, perhaps it’s ahead of its time.

For those of you who want to tinker with such a system that will keep your receipts in a web server so your customers can retrieve it at their convenience, you can check out

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PicAxe Hack – How to Add Wii Nunchuk Interface!


Here’s a cool hack for all you PicAxe developers/hackers so you can learn how to add a Wii Nunchuk as a PicAxe interface.

via hackedgadgets

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Dell Inspiron Mini Hack – How to add Logitech Mouse Wireless Receiver inside the Mini 9!

Remember the cool Dell Mini 9 GPS Hack?  Well, if you want to hide that ugly Logitech mouse receiver (instead of sticking into your USB ports) inside the laptop itself, here’s a cool hack that shows you how to do it.  Of course, don’t blame us if you void your warranty, stick with the factory-setup. :p

What I wanted to do was mount the Nano Receiver for my Logitech VX Nano laser notebook mouse within my Mini 9 without breaking down the receiver or s

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Dell Mini Hack – How to install a GPS!

Here’s a cool hack that shows you how to install a GPS seamlessly into your Dell Mini Inspiron 9 netbook.

I started by tearing the Mini down and seeing if it was even possible. Luckily, there’s a bit of space around where the Bluetooth adapter is located. It wasn’t much, but it looked like enough, so I ordered

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Digital Camera Hack – How to Control a Nikon or Canon Digital Camera with Nintendo DS!

Here’s a really cool hack that shows you how to control a Nikon or Canon digital camera using Nintendo DS.

A funny cool thing happens once the camera is controlled by what is essentially a instant-on computer. Where the Canon 5D can do a bracket of three shots, spread two stops apart, and the latest 1DS MKIII series can do a nine shot bracket, the “DS-DSLR” can do any number of shots, and if I don’t like the way it does it, I can rewrite the software to do it better.

The DS can run in bulb-mode as well, so I can do automated expo

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Amazon Hack – How to Watch Free Amazon Videos!

Here’s a cool hack I found on Yahoo News, it’s a hack that lets you watch free Amazon videos using the security hole:

(I don’t think this will last too long once Amazon finds out so we suggest you to take advantage before they close the security hole)

The free demo version of Replay Media Catcher allows anyone to watch 75 percent of anything recorded and 100 percent of YouTube videos. For $39, a user can watch everything recorded.

One Web site — www.tvadfree.co

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Phone HACK – How to Unblock Blocked Caller-ID Numbers!


Here’s a cool hack showing you how to unblock blocked caller-ID numbers.

*This is informational purposes only.  Do not use this hack unless you are a law enforcement agent.

In a demonstration video, a hacker tweaks said asterisk box with some new configurations to strip out privacy flags, forward the call to another number, and ultimately reveal caller ID information which, surprisingly, is still available. This isn’t meant to be easy, but if the terms “prepend,” “SIP trunk,” and “ast

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DIY – How to convert a Disposable Camera into an Emergency Strobe Light

Here’s a cool hack that shows you how to turn your regular old Kodak disposable camera into an emergency strobe light.  The hack does require some soldering but not too much work for some cool effects.

This instructable involves modifying a device that operates on 300v DC, so I am NOT responsible if you injure or kill your self and/or any body else from any of your actions messing around this

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