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Best Earbud Review – Sony MDR-Ex75 Hands-On Review!

Honestly, I have to admit I don’t give hands-on review of every cool gadget since I physically can’t try EVERYTHING. (well, maybe in the future)

But for earbuds, I have tried many different brands and I know which one gives you bang for your dollar.

The perfect earbud that I am looking for and have found  will not break easily and provide high quality treble and bass for my listening pleasures, even when I am going to sleep.

You might remember the post I did on Best Earbud Review couple month

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USB Mouse Wheel Keyboard Trainer!

Here’s a cool gadget that will help you type faster through pure amusement.  The USB Mouse Wheel turn faster as you type faster on your keyboard, nifty idea for kids learning to type.

Plug the USB Mice Wheel into your computer – and when you type the keyboard mice will run in his wheel! In fact the faster you type the faster mice will run! You have to plug out USB and gives your mice time to rest.

via ohgizmo,

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Braille Karaoke Allows Blind People To Sing!

I wouldn’t have guessed it but here’s a cool gadget for blind people.  It’s a braille that will allow blind people to read the lyrics and sing along with others.

Of course, this might be great for other things like watching TV and more.  We will have to wait and see what kind of cool new gadgets that can arise from this.

You can enjoy KARAOKE using our Braille display with SEIKA! Lyric synchronizes with Braille and it will appear on the display with a KARAOKE melody. You can sing together in harmony when connected with ot

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USB Ring Optical Mouse!


This little ring mouse will help you get more stuff done by letting your mouse sit on your finger.  It’s even got a scroll button so you can use your thumb or the index finger to scroll.

– Innovative design, cool gadget – Mouse attaches to index fingers – Allows you to control the cursor/mouse and type at the same time – Perfect for using in constrained areas (airplanes, trains and buses) &#

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Wind Power to power your gadgets!

Here’s a cool gadget called HyMini that will wind power to re-charge your gadgets.  Although it’s a hefty price to pay at $50, it probably beats building one yourself.  (You could make one for about $20 for sure.)  They did overprice this thing probably for the design.  If they mass-produced it in the near future, it should only cost you around 5 bucks.

If you drive to work on the highway a lot, this might come in handy as you can simply hang it out your window for so

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