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Speaker Design – Sound Shelf!

Check out this cool design for a speaker called Sound Shelf, basically a shelf with surround speakers built-in to the lining.  I could see this design take off if it reaches the market, do you?  It’d be great if they sold it as iPod dock speakers/shelves.

The iPod craze has definitely made a large market for iPod accessories, which happens to include speakers.  This would be great for teens and college students to have a spot f

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DIY Home Built Guitar Pedal called “Fuzz Face”


I don’t know jack sh** about guitars but some of you might enjoy this as I did already.

This home built guitar pedal called “Fuzz Face” uses two 3AX31C germanium transistors while its onboard knobs control volume, bass, contour, fuzz, and include an internal trim pot to adjust the fuzz type. Pretty cool design and enclosure for this rockin’ device.

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