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Seth The Blogger Guy Responds, My Response Seth

Yesterday, I got sorta “peeved” because someone try to impersonate a “blogger guy”.

Anyways, Seth Bloom has just sent this e-mail to me:

Hey there,

Saw the post – happy to talk more about the program.  I get most of what you’re saying…but I do want to make sure you understand the title – and I’m concerned that readers will get the impression from the post that our videos are less then genuine.  We star

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Live Twittering From the Van – How to Setup a Mobile Blogging Network for Cheap!

Well, I am actually in a van right now that’s headed for Los Angeles right now, you can join my “mobile” conversations @zedomax2 on Twitter.

I got an Eee PC 1000HE + Sprint broadband USB setup, which allows me to blog this very blog post on the cheap.

1. Eee PC 1000HE – $389

2. Sprint Broadband USB – $50/month

For about $389  plus $5

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Blackberry So Secure that Criminals Like to Use Its Encryption Technology!

It’s interesting to note that Blackberries may be pretty secure, so long as you are using the Enterprise Server, which I don’t.

I don’t believe that the Blackberries are THAT secure, it’s a machine, you simply can’t rely too much on machines.  I am sure there’s a better way to secure your data but for right now, I do agree using Blackberry Enterprise Server might be the smartest thing for thugs and drug dealers alike to do.

So if you are a high-profile gangster, make sure to get that Blackberry, not the i

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iPhone Mini Microphone $14.99!

Breaking NEWS!  There’s a mini iPhone microphone available that looks like that.

Today, USBFever introduces the mini microphone for the iPhone. This small attachment makes it possible to record conversations, depositions, meetings or interview conversations for you live bloggers.

Might be a great for any other gadgets though.

via getusb

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Prostitute Review Site?

Here’s a guy who made a site that reviews prostitutes.

Obviously, you can make a LOT of money with pornography and prostitution related sites but I would never go that “low”.

In a little-known success story, TheEroticReview.com has come to dominate the country’s prostitution scene, which is increasingly migrating from the street corner to the Internet.

But now the site’s founder, David Elms, is in jail awaiting trial in Los Angeles in a case unrelated to the site, leaving the fate of his influential underground w

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