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iPod Hack – How to Make a iPod Touch Controlled Wifi RC Car!

John Boiles, a software engineer, has just finished making his really cool WiFi RC car that uses a Linksys router (attached to the RC car) and his iPod Touch as control.  You can learn how to make one of these awesome iPod Touch controlled WiFi RC Cars here.

I don’t want to take anything away from John but a little suggestion, instead of mounting the whole Linksys router, you might do better using a WiFi module for embedded processors.  (or just strip the plastic off Linksys at least)

Brilliant project though, making use of W

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DIY Internet Controlled Soft AirGun!



Here’s a really cool implementation of a soft airgun that can be controlled via internet and webcam.  Now, I can see this becoming a “high” security gadget for your home, simply replace it with more durable guns like metal BB guns for example.  (I wonder if it will be legal to put a real gun too btw… that would really suck though for the intruder if he/

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Zedomax DIY 127 – Make an Ethernet controlled Color Organ!


For this weekend, we will show you how to make an ethernet controlled color organ that can be applied for some kind of stage lighting.

We will be using the party light we made and simply plugin the

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DIY – How to Make Christmas Light controller in 5 minutes!


Okay, today we are going try to build a computer controlled Christmas Lights in 5 minutes. I’ve been rolling around the neighborhood this late November and some people already have their Christmas lights decorated.

Well I’

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Robot3 – Segway Humanoid Robot that can dance, run, and wake up at the right time!

Here’s a video, the robot seems to play good w/ kids… 🙂


robo3 website link

Just in from Chosun news in Korea, robo3 just developed a robot based on Segway structure. The robot can dance, run, and wake you up in the morning. It has 2

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