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iPhone Hack – How to Fix the Volume Control If You Drop It!

I guess it’s easy to damage your iPhone’s volume control if you drop it badly enough right on the volume control unit.  Well, for those of you who can’t control the volume of your iPhone, here’s an easy way to dismantle and get your volume control working again.  It also looks like Apple is being evil about anyone dropping the iPhones so this hack might just save you from buying a new iPhone.

I was

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Wii Video – Wiimote Controls Entire House

[gv data=”beZC2gpFN7I”][/gv]

Yes, someone evidently is controlling their entire house with a wii controller. Nice!

The true mastermind here is the WACI NX control server that sets everything up, and the entire Wii interface can be emulated with a Nokia 770, as shown. The amount of convergence, and the merit of using the Wiimote as a remote controller, is very clever


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Garrett’s DIY – Upcoming Boe-Bot Hacks – Remote Controlled Insect

Here’s a video of upcoming boe-bot hacks from Garrett using a Parallax Boe-Bot platform and CUBLOC CB220.as brain. This little creature has couple of cool looking features such as a tail, antennas, and eyes that can be remote-controlled via a regular TV remote-control. HOWTO will follow soon. In the meanwhile, you will just have to enjoy Jack

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Kinda cool DIY project here, a SMS VCR control.

Imagine it, it’s 3:15 on a weekday afternoon and you’ve just realised you’ve forgotten to set the video to tape ‘Pet Rescue’. Usually you would be condemned to an afternoon of misery and disappointment, knowing you had no heartwarming cute animal stories to come home to. But not any more. Below I describe a simple interface between a T28 mobile phone (ME) and Matsui VX770 VCR to allow remote recording of programmes.


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