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Microfueler can be used to Recycle Leftover Beer into Fuel!

Remember the MicroFueler that came out last May?  Well, Sierra Nevada, the beer brewing company has figured out that you can also use beer to make ethanol as beer contains yeast.

I am seriously going to get one of these beasts as soon as I buy my first house.  Think of all the beer I can re-use!

Sierra Nevada, brewer of delicious beers, has purchased a MicroFueler, a contraption that produces ethanol from water, sugar

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Ultrasonic Eye Correction Device From Japan!

Here’s a device from Japan that could possibly correct your eyesight without the use of laser eye surgery.

The device works using ultrasonic to correct your nearsightedness.

Well, such a device would never be legalized in America simply due to the fact that doctors would protest and they’d make a lot less money to, let me add.

If this device works well, I might be heading over to Japan later to get my hands on one, my eyes are soooo bad. (minus 10)

Brave souls need only to place the contraption in front of one eye a

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Halloween DIY – How to Make a Crush Room!


Here’s an incredibly cool Crush Room you can make for this Halloween.   Of course, the you don’t want to be stuck underneath the contraption as you will be “crushed” to death.  While this is a fun project, you might want to make sure to put some safety features not to crush you or your friends.

This room was quite a project (big by my standards, anyways). The point of this room (pun intended) was to get the kids into a closed room, then have spikes emerge from the ceiling

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Interactive Multi-touch LED Floor!


Here’s a really cool interactive multi-touch LED floor.  I wonder if they can turn this into an interactive game sorta like Nintendo Wii.

Sensacell’s latest contraption still manages to stand out by bringing back memories of when mouse trails really were the coolest thing about an operating system. Flashbacks aside, the installation — which is currently at the entrance to the Comunitat Valenciana in Spain — possesses over 1,000 interactive modules, each of which include cap

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FlatMobile – A jet powered reproduction of ‘The Bat Mobile’




Did we say “Bat Mobile” with a jet engine?  Well the jet engines seems to do nothing more but bust out some flames but still kudos for tryin’.

This crazy, crazy “Flatmobile” is going to enter the Guinness books as the flattest vehicle ever. How flat is it? Nineteen inches. I think that&

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USB “Mini” Greenhouse

Here’s a nice little way to put a greenhouse and grow your own mini plant while you are blogging with the USB “mini” Greenhouse.

Brighten up your dull desk with this USB plug in contraption. This product provides the maximum conditions for your plant to grow, to adorn your desk with natural beauty in no time! It contains marigold seeds for you to plant, but plant whatever you want – the seeds of your favorite flower? It also comes with fake soil, an adjusta

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12 person Beer bong

Check out this funny lookin’ beer bong you can make 12 people get drunk at a really fast pace…

Twelve people try out the new 12-person beer bong created by Jeff Barton of Milwaukee (in orange). Barton, a staffing company employee, designed the contraption that weighs 600 pounds fully loaded and serves two beers per person when doing a group drink. It also has a beer bubbler.

via gadgetgrid

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