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Web Programming Hack – How to Replace Images at Time Intervals with Fading!

Here’s another cool web programming hack for you web developers out there, how to replace images at a set time intervals using jQuery.  Nice. – link

This post is somehow a continuation of our previous post on replacing images, but this post is one step closer to creating an image gallery using jQuery. In this post I will show you how to replace one image with another one in specific time intervals. For example: replacing image1.jpg with image2.jpg every 5 seconds.

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HACK – Window shade also acts as a solar powered Window Light!

Wow, check out this awesome window shade that also acts as a solar powered light!

This is a continuation of a project from Design for the 5 Senses that I worked on with Michael Jefferson and Jae In Lee. It’s a window shade that doubles as a light. One set of strings would be to control the level of sunlight by adjusting the height of the shade. The other set of strings controls the light level. I didn’t have time to add a solar component to it f

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