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Win a Free Halo UVX, a Ultraviolet Vacuum (Worth $400!)

Yes, for some reason, we caught fire with people behind the products we cover. Couple weeks ago, we had a product submission from Halo Technologies for their Halo UV Vacuum. So somehow we were able

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Midnight Update on the Laser Contest!

girrrrrrrr was on top for the whole month… Izl somehow starting commenting crazy since he started few days ago… 1137!!! We are getting serious here in this race for the La

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Rand() Menu Button Added!

For those of you participating in the Laser Contest, you can now find random posts by clicking on the Rand() button at the top! 🙂

You can get the Random Post Plugin for WordPress here too.

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Free Green Laser


Here’s the green laser we are going to give away! I just got it in the mail from DragonLasers in China! (Yeah, they are shipping directly from China now.) Anyway, I bought 2 AAA batteries to make it work and so you can get a taste of the free laser before we give it out…

This Viper Green Laser pretty nice and handy… just don’t point at people’s eyes… maybe too powerful.

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My MS Outlook Screen

Here’s a little screenshot of my MS Outlook lately. Carl and girrrrrr2 are really going after this free laser. In the meanwhile, my emailbox is getting so full of comments. (not that i am complaining…?) Anyways, cheers to the two commentators for battling out on zedomax.com! 🙂

It’s like grrrrrr then Carl grrrrrr then Carl….

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Game and Game World Championships 2007

Looks like you can win $5000 for first place at the Game and Game World Championships 2007. Just don’t end up lookin’ like this guy. I know there are other tournaments you can win a lot more money… Then again, these guys get paid like at least 6 figures from their sponsors such as Samsung and all those cellphone companies in Korea. I envy these guys who can play games for a living and they are not even 20 yet&#

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Free Dragon 95mW Viper Green Laser for Top Commentator This Month!

Yes, we made money off you reading our stuff so we decided it’s time to give back and DragonLasers are hooking us up with a free Dragon 95mW Viper Green Laser but we will give it out to the top commentator this month. For those of you who haven’t been reading Zedomax, you can still win one but looks like girrrrrrrr2 and Brian are really on it.

Yes, this Dragon Laser is worth $199.99! so get your comme

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125mW Viper from Dragon Lasers!


This is the video of a real 125mW Viper Green Laser from Dragon Lasers. You know, we have an advertisement for Dragon Lasers… well… they didn’t even PAY for advertisement but I just decided to give them free advertisement because their lasers are so cool! Frank from DragonLasers sent me this 125mW Viper Green Laser and I have been playing with it for couple months. (Yes, these things do go like for 3 miles in any direction!) I have still yet to figu

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Check out these cool pictures from the Starlight Soap Box Challenge from Georgia Tech! Looks like great little vehicles to build for fun.


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Maker Faire – Flying Saucer Oven


Here’s a simple flying saucer oven that uses a single light bulb yet heats up to 425 degrees fahrenheit!

They won the Dorkbake competition. This is really simple but great idea!

Eric and Jodi Kurland Eric is an award-winning filmmaker and digital artist whose films have played in festivals around the world. Jodi is a physical therapist and self-published photographer and author known to dabble in crafts.

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