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Win a Luxury Leather Recliner! [Contest]

You know I have love for these super-expensive luxury recliners, well, my friend just told me about a contest that’s ending May 15th (you still got 10 more days) where you can win one of these nice, luxury leather recliners.

How do you enter?

You will need a blog, you can see details here.

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November TokyoFlash Watch Winner – Vittoria!

For the November TokyoFlash Watch contest, user Vittoria wins the Rogue watch, please send me where I should send the watch at zedomax [at] gmail.com. (Your name and complete address please!)

Thanks everyone for participating in the contest, we should have a contest coming soon, leave in the comments line if there’s a gadget you’d like to win!

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Wow…. check out this contest! almost $8000 in cash and all you have to do in enter!

My blogger friend GyuTae over at WinningTheWeb.com is having the crazzziest contest with “real” cash prizes. All you have to do is enter:

Here’s how:

    Sign up for the free Winning the Web mailing list (required). This is necessary in order to enter the contest. I will never send spam and will only use the information to generate a contest participation list and to send occasional WTW updates. You may opt out at any time.

    Sign up now! Name: Em

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Free Giveaways, have you entered yet?

It seems like not that many people are taking advantage over all the free stuff that’s been offered to readers.

So here’s a recap of everything:

Bloggin-Ads is giving out like $5000+ in prizes total!

Win 7 Nights in Martinique!

My friend James

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Win 7 Luxury Nights in Martinique!

Here’s an easy way you can win 7 Luxury Nights in Martinique. My friend Jason’s wife Kelly from JaKelDaily.com is trying to win some prizes and you get a chance to win the prize also. Simply go vote here. All you need is a valid e-mail address to enter the contest.

Voter Prize One voter entry prize for 7 luxury nights at the Sofitel Bakoua with breakfast in

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My friend James is also giving out some free One Buck Wiki pages!

It’s weird but page sales have just recently just took off again. It must be a weather thing.

Anyways, my friend James is also giving out free One Buck Wiki pages over at his blog over here.

Here’s how you can enter:

With these contests there is always some type of requirement to enter right? Well I am going to try and make it easy and give you some choices with how you can en

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The biggest Blog Contest ever!

My friend Mike over at Bloggin-Ads, is having a really big blog contest where you can win so many prizes!

Check it out and make sure to win some!

There are going to be 12 different groups of prizes, which means there are going to be a total of 12 different winners. By adding up the value of all the prizes, I would say it is worth a least $1,000. Just for Max’s sponsorship of “500″

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GNGWC2007 Grand Finals!!!

Darn, I’d love to be in this picture… Of course, my fist wouldn’t be just there, it probably be somewhere nearer something else… Don’t shoot me because I am adventurous…

Anyways, the GRAND FINALS of one of the biggest online game contest will be held in Korea!

Darn, I am still stuck in San Francisco…if you want to help me go to Korea, buy a page on EntreWiki or One Buck Wiki! (I might be able to talk Aving News to get me a free

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Maker Faire in Texas

Check out some of the cool photos from Maker Faire Austin, Texas.

It doesn’t seem as fun as Maker Faire held in San Mateo couple months ago but this finger painting LCD is kinda cool, isn’t it?

via Make

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