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New Contact Lense Technology for People with Diabetes!

Scientists over at the University of Western Ontario is in the process of developing new contact lenses that could help people with diabetes determine their sugar levels by watching themselves in the mirror and see the change of eyeball color.

I think this definitely is something that would help people with diabetes a lot as they won’t have to carry around a tester kit with them everywhere.  Plus, this might be even better if the new contac

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Contacts DIY – How to Wear/Remove Contact Lenses!

I happened to be one of those people who wear contact lenses day in and out, my eyes have actually been turning more red over the last 21 years I have worn them.  Well, for those of you who are just wearing contacts,  you can learn how to wear/remove contact lenses the right way here:


No matter what, wearing contact lenses for a long period of time is simply bad for your eyes.  You should always have a pair of glasses you can wear when you don’t need to wear contacts.  As for me, my eyes are so bad and my eye glasses are so

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Bigger Diameter Contact Lenses for that Alien Look!

For people with small eyes or at least they don’t like to open their eye 100% (like me naturally), you can benefit from the extra, big contact lenses which can make you look like you never blink.

It seems that a few companies are now starting to produce Extra-Wide Contact Lenses which give you that deer-caught-in-the-headlights wide irised look. Ranging from prices between $30-$50 a pair, depending on the company you purchase from, cosplay was never this realistic.


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