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Circuits DIY – How to Make a Weather Station!

Here’s an impressive weather station project you can make that will show you bunch of great current weather conditions.  I do highly like the graph part, it can be developed even further to allow internet remote monitoring and more.

Now this was a huge project! All sensors had to be fully tested one at a time, wireless communication had to be perfect, various LCDs were tried. Nevertheless, here’s the result: hope you enjoy it!

The circuit may be powered by a small 9V b

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DIY Ariel Atom made from Junk!

Here’s a really cool lookin’ car made from junk parts while it does 4.5 seconds 0 to 60MPH and gets 35+MPG!

This is the final result of 15 months and at least 800 hours of work in the garage. This is not counting time spent designing, ordering parts, negotiating prices, etc.

The car was built from scratch. The engine is an Acura k20a3 from an RSX. It sounds awesome.

Special thanks for the Make community for inspiring the maker spirit in me. Building stuff yourself is a much better way to be a citizen than senseless consump

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Bush Toilet Paper – Wipe that Ass with Your Favorite President!

Now there’s a new, innovative way of showing your love for your favorite President George Bush with the Bush Toilet Paper!

Some would argue that this is the most appropriate media for displaying George W. Bush! Sit down, relax, and enjoy.

Individually Shrink-wrapped. With classic quotes….

“They misunderestimated me”

“We need an energy bill that encourages consumption”

“Bring ’em on”

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Future Computer – “The Cup”

Check out “The Cup”, a future computer that you can “pour” information into and “spill” presentations, holographic images, etc…etc…

Great concept but it will be around year 2015 before we get to see one.

They envision a cup that literally pours information in waves of holographic images for your daily consumption. Have a big creative meeting? Then spill your thoughts onto the conference table. Found a lot of r

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