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Automakers get $25 Billion from Bush, God dang it!

Our President Bush, the most miserable failure in history of the United States, decides to sign another bill that will allow automakers to borrow $25 Billion, adding to the national deficit of $700 billion.(or is it $800 billion)

Whatever the case is, this is kind of an outrageous stuff because I would have never voted for this bill to pass.  I don&#

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Wireless Congress 2006 – Wireless Zigbees and more!

The Wireless show is held in Munich, Germany

Register now to take full advantage of the opportunity to meet face-to-face with technical gurus, strategical visionaries, colleagues and leading wireless technology providers.

Conference Sessions:

ZigBee Design & Technology M2M, Industrial Automation Wireless Sensor Networks Bluetooth & Ultrawideband Technology WiMAX Technology RFID & NFC Technology RF Test & Measurement Engineering Regulation, Certification Mobile Networking &

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