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Plumbing DIYs from SF Plumbing!

Here’s a bunch of interesting plumbing DIYs from SF Plumbing Sewer Specialists:

Learn how to solder copper pipes and copper joints.  Don’t like to pay plumbers?  Try this DIY on how to install/replace your own toilet.

Did you know that tankless heaters can save you money for small apartments/condos/homes?  Check

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Sound DIY – How to Install Surround Sound Flatwire 5.1 Wiring!

Apartment Therapy has an intensive DIY on how to install your own surround-sound flatwire 5.1 wiring.  This would be great for anyone who’s trying to install some nice set of surround-sound speakers.

We have been watching movies projected on our wall for prolly 4 to 5 years at this point and listening to the audio on various small stereo systems in 2.1. Really great, honestly, nothing to complain about. The thing is th

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Swimmill lets you swim in a Spa!

With Swimmill, you can turn a small sized pool or maybe even a spa into a swimming treadmill.  Now, I got some ideas for future condos with a small sized roof pool that I can do miles of laps in.

Swimmill is the aquatic version of the treadmill; it allows you to swim without changing your position. The water current produced by Swimmill is the one that moves, just as the treadmill belt does while you are jogging.

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