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Bike DIY – How to Make a Bike Seat Cover that Looks like a Condom!

I do remember giving up on my bike while going to college, simply due to the fact that Police in Davis are not as bike-friendly.  (Davis, California is one of the only cities in California that forces you to get a BIKE PERMIT otherwise you can easily get a BIKE parking ticket.  What a bunch of jokes, that’s why I started skateboarding after receiving my first bike parking ticket

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Bulbcap for Naked Bulbs!

Can’t afford a real lamp shade but you want a condom-like cover for your naked bulbs?

Well, you can always get the Bulbcap for that. They come in different colors so…

The Bulbcap is a lampshade, slightly more than a lightbulb. The caps are directly pulled over the lightbulbs of up to 40 watts. Any wattage can work when using economical lightbulbs. The Bulbcaps can be fixed on hanging bulbs from the ceiling, or on standing lamps of any k

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DIY HACK – HOWTO make your own Condom Sound Activated Party Lights when you ain’t gettin’ any!


Okay, here’s a funny DIY where you can make your own sound activated party lights.

If you want the non-adult version, you can check out our Christmas Voice Activated Party Lights too. (And yes, you have to use a Magnum for this one)

This project shows you how to make a music light out of inflated condoms

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Cellphone Condom



What is a cellphone condom? You guessed it, it will protect your cellphone against any water damage when you are in the spa…


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DIY – How to grow your own condom – The Condom Plant


This might be the most pointless video on history of condoms but is very funny! 🙂

(Not suitable for children under 18)

An experiment on how to grow your own condoms. It works! Just remember to water it once in a while. ;o)

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