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Food Hack – How to Make Homemade Ranch Dressing!

I’ve always wondered how to make my own ranch dressing.  Although I have been working on my special sauce, this is a good way to help me make even better sauces.

For a long time I’ve been under the impression that ranch dressing was a magical concoction that I’d never be able to make myself. Oh, how I was wrong! Not only is it possible, but it’s easy to make your own delicious, healthy, ranch dressing.

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DIY – Howto Make Tetris Brownies!

Wow, check out this cool DIY on how to make your own Tetris brownies.  Now, where did I put that concoction for those pot brownies???

Who doesn’t love Tetris? Fit the tetrads (or tetrominoes or blocks) together the best you can without any spaces. Keep the game going by forming unbroken lines that disappear to steer clear of building the blocks all the way up to the top of the screen (this action = game over). This is one of the only video games I have ever really enjoyed (Super Mario and Guitar Hero

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