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Digital Camera “Lens” Cup!

Here’s a fun concept Digital Camera “Lens” cup that let you enjoy your morning coffee in photographic style.  Of course, it’s a rather waste of an expensive camera lens but then you could make these with broken lenses that are going to the dump anyways.

“Photomanipulation тебе интересно Photography fun art lens coffee cup photoshop chop conceptual design”.

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Nevada Lightning Laboratory Lightning demo at Maker Faire 2008!

Well, these guys were at Maker Faire last year but I missed their show everytime since I had a Maker booth.

This year, I got the whole footage on tape:



Btw, you can find more information about these super-gigantic tesla coils over at Lod.org.

Boy, these things are way cool, maybe there’s more uses for it than simply a show. Perhaps, power my back-to-the-future vehicle, De Lorean.

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