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World’s Smallest Laptop Stand/Cooler!

Check out this awesome lookin’ laptop stand/cooler.  I have been looking for something like this but the great thing is that this laptop stand/cooler folds into a little box about the size of an adult’s hand.

This company also makes some other really cool lookin’ laptop stand/coolers.

cRadia(www.cradia.co.kr) introduced its portable notebook cooler ‘flex mini’ during Computex 2008, which can be used as a notebook stand to make your computing life a lot more comfortable.

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Asus Laptop with an embedded Projector!

Whoa! This is a great idea! Watch as every laptop manufacturer start making a projector a necessary feature.

No details on the resolution or brightness were available, but from the photo we snapped at Computex in Taiwan, it’s apparent that the current iteration will be viable only in total darkness. Moreover, the top bezel of the LCD is so wide, it results in a 12.1-inch portable having a 15.4-inch footprint.

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Asus Eee Linux Box!

Asus is working on their new Linux box that looks like wii.

* As per our previous speculation, an official launch of the Eee Box will indeed take place on June 3rd at Computex in Taiwan. Hardly surprising given the show is in Taiwan, the home of Asus and many a computing manufacturer. * Specs wise, our source told us the machines would be launching with 2GB RAM as standard, along with a 160GB hard drive – obviously not an SSD. * These new machines will be running the same Linux distro found on the Eee PCs – no bad thing by our reckoning

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